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Hi, my name is Arne Nielsson and I've been named "Speaker of the Year" three times. For over 30 years I've delivered lectures to more than 500,000 people, and made a virtue of adapting each lecture to the precise situation the company is in.


Arne Nielsson is a ten-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist in canoe. Since 1996 he has worked as a professional coach and lecturer primarily for business- and sportsmen. His lectures include topics such as: "The Will to Win", "How to Play Each Other Into Being Good,” and "How to Become Stronger Despite Crisis and Adversity”. For 30-plus years, Arne has held lectures for more than 500,000 people.


Arne focuses on training your mind and shows you how to draw parallels from the world of sports to your everyday life, so that you can see the value of continuous training, which thereby creates better results. The thesis is "What you train in, you will be better at – train for the life you prefer.”

Arne has 30 years of experience developing a winning culture within companies. The program will be tailored for the individual customer, as two companies rarely are the same, and therefore no two courses are alike.

Are you willing to leave your comfort zone and enter your development zone?



Tlf.: 70 200 449

Vejlesøvej 100A

2840 Holte


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